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We want just one thing for our members. RESULTS! This is why our team of experienced CrossFit® trainers will set targets based on your fitness goals which are designed to make you stronger, healthier and happier each week.

KMF (Keep Moving Forward) CrossFit is Lemon Grove’s premiere CrossFit gym that strives to provide a community for people to come together and enjoy fitness with the highest quality of programming and coaching. We offer programs such as bootcamp style classes, strength building, yoga, Crossfit, and Crossfit Games competitive training. Connect with us and learn why everyone is interested in starting CrossFit!

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World Class Coaches & Facilities
With our CrossFit® certified coaches we are confident that every class will be coached in a professional way and in a world class facility
Focused On Our Members
At KMF YOU are our number one priority. Everything we do reflects this – our programming, tidy facility, quality equipment and even our website are all a result of our desire to provide the best service to our clients.
 Friendliest CrossFit® Training In San Diego
We believe we offer the best service in the City. And we are so confident that you will be satisfied with the training you receive that we are offering FREE trial classes for you to check out yourself so don't wait any longer! You’ve got nothing to lose!
With constantly varied movements and activities CrossFit® is not just another average gym fad,
CrossFit® is a state of mind, a philosophy and a lifestyle.
It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because CrossFit® trains people of all ages and abilities to improve their overall fitness in a fun and challenging environment. Get started with our Fundamentals Classes specifically designed for beginners and you will soon become a CrossFit® athlete!
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Want to kick start your CrossFit® training? Our Fundamentals Classes take you through the basics of CrossFit® putting you on the road to success! Classes are by appointments only, email us today to get started!
Hungry for more? If you completed the fundamentals class then you are ready for regular CrossFit® classes. Visit our Pricing Page for great membership options.
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Our coaches are CrossFit® L1 (some L2) certified - Holding qualifications in personal training, fitness, nutrition and first aid. Always ready to motivate and offer advice, our team will acquaint you with our state of the art CrossFit® equipment, gym and facilities. Our newly refurbished CrossFit® box features brand new climbing ropes, dedicated Olympic lifting room, peg boards, turf strip for sleds, ROGUE rig and spacious matted areas. Enjoy an ice cold coconut water after your workout from our cooler fridge with your teammates.
L1 Trainer. NASM CPTM. B.S. Kinesiology

David Rojas graduated from San Diego State University in 2012 with a degree in Kinesiology. His passion for fitness and helping others lead him to obtaining a NASM personal training certification and ultimately a CrossFit Level 1 certification. David was first introduced to CrossFit in 2010 but it wasn’t until he joined KMF CrossFit in 2013 when he truly committed his training to the CrossFit methodology. David has aspiration to compete as a CrossFit games athlete in the years to come and he is proud to call KMF CrossFit his home.

Favorite WOD: Filthy Fifty

"Move Strong. Move Smart. And With A Purpose."
CEO. L1 Trainer

Andy Rojas has been well knowledgable in the fitness industry since 2007. Being strongly familiar in the art of wellness, he wanted to take it to the next level. Combining his many years of experience in business and health, he strives to build a community that can enjoy reaching a vigor lifestyle together.

Favorite Hobby: Fishing

"Fall Forward!"
Office. Event Producer. Content Marketer

Jessica has worked with a non-profit organization for over a year producing some of the greatest events in San Diego and is now putting forward her prior skills to create events and competitions for KMF. She's also certified in content marketing and has 3 years of experience in management. Jessica manages most internal production work at KMF. She enjoys using her experiences and talents towards KMF CrossFit, with a goal of making it the friendliest CrossFit gym of San Diego.

Favorite Food: Empenadas!

"Get up, it's time to get down."

Coach Tine
L2 Trainer (Manager)

Starting at a young age I gained a passion for all varieties of fitness including running, dancing, gymnastics, and weightlifting. My main focus used to be on being the best runner I could be and not until my sophomore year in college did I discover CrossFit. A couple of years into doing CrossFit, I got my L1 certification and my husband and I became head coaches of our hometown CrossFit gym in Columbus, OH. Once I moved to California I became a Manager at Vault Crossfit in L.A. and absolutely fell in love with the experience. Now at KMF, I am truly inspired by the hardworking and warm spirit of the community and I want to help share it’s greatness with as many people as possible.

Fun Fact: It has always been a dream of mine to live in California. So on my 24th birthday my husband and I drove 2,000 miles from Ohio in my small car, with my 2 massive Maine Coon cats in the backseat.

Coach Adam
L2 Trainer

Just a Cali kid who loves to train! Started back in 2011-2012 but before then he was like everyone else he thought everyday was "chest day" and ya gotta do the curls for the girls. But when his brother introduced him to crossfit, he never looked back. The idea of blending compound movements and gymnastics seemed odd at first but fun. For him crossfit is more than a training regiment, it's all about the community. Through crossfit he was able to meet such awesome people and forge new friendships. 

Whatever your goals may be he wants to help you get there!

Coach Allyson
L1 Trainer

A Rhode Island native, and former High School gymnast, who picked up Crossfit in 2014 after becoming restless with more typical exercise methods. She trained at Ocean State Crossfit with nationally ranked athletes and became inspired to take her Level 1 Certificate training in 2015. Moving to San Diego in 2016 her search for a positive yet challenging atmosphere brought her to KMF. It is important to her to motivate and inspire all members to achieve their health and fitness goals, and specifically empower women to be strong and confident. Her coaching style mixes East Coast humor and intensity, with naturally contagious love for the sport and healthy self competition.

Coach Victoria
L1 Trainer

Victoria has been coaching for 3 years, with one of those three years at KMF. She first tried Crossfit 5 years ago and was immediately hooked. She started Crossfit at Crossfit 90 in San Fernando, where she first began coaching. Cross-fit has been the most effective weight loss for her. She strongly believes that you get results based on what your willing to put in at the gym and it’s the best health therapy ever! :) she has built many friendships in Crossfit and truly enjoys the atmosphere.  
Victoria has one daughter that has agreed to stay 12 forever, and is completely embarrassed of her moms Bieber music. 
Victoria’s weakness is Pizza and loves chocolate coconut water to cure a sweet tooth. She enjoys anything outdoors and coaches her daughters volleyball team when in season.
Massage therapy geared towards athletes and pain management using a custom blend of NMT (trigger point therapy), Thai massage, ART & PNF techniques. 
FREE 3-Days of Crossfit Classes!
KMF CrossFit is Lemon Grove’s premiere CrossFit gym that strives to provide a community based environment for people to come together and enjoy fitness with the highest quality of programming and coaching. Connect with us and learn why everyone is crazy for CrossFit! Contact KMF for a free introductory session and get started on your own road to success!
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